Transformation & Change

Transformation as a result of almost every project

Almost all major projects that I support lead to comprehensive changes in the organisation of my clients. This may be through establishing their own logistics structures or adapting the way of managing the external service provider or simply by setting new contract mechanisms that require a different way of working together. The consistent implementation of all changes from theory into operational practice often can only be met by external support. This does not necessarily mean intensive monitoring, but rather regular ‘coaching’ to ensure that priorities do not get lost.

Digitalisation as a new opportunity

In addition, the opportunities offered by digitalisation open completely new possibilities for the logistics sector, but in many cases also mean massive changes – a real disruption. It is not just a matter of automating or digitalising processes, but of “thinking” processes in the organisation in a new, digital way. See me as your sparring partner, who brings in much experience going along with more “emotional distance” in some areas of your project. My primary aim is that my clients recognise their own expectations in the project, do not experience any unpleasant surprises in the course of the project and are satisfied with the results after the project is completed.