Start with Why.

I must admit having a kind of scepticism about consultancies due to some bad experiences in my professional career. Very seldom you find real methodological expertise and real-life market know-how coming together. Even more, you regularly meet good strategists with comprehensive methodological skills but without any idea of practice and people on a shop floor level. I have therefore made it my own policy to only pursue projects whose usefulness for my clients I can understand and whose knowledge I can make a valuable contribution to. At the same time, I deeply believe in fairness and eye-level in business dealings, especially when it comes to long-term contractual relations between two companies. Therefore, I take the liberty of working for companies, entrepreneurs and managers who share my value system in terms of the relationship between clients and contract logistics service providers.

At heart I am a convinced generalist and through my professional stations I am an expert in many fields. When supporting large outsourcing / insourcing projects in contract logistics, I am acting as a specialist and expert for designing and negotiating the logistics service contracts – always in close cooperation with a competent lawyer.

What is probably my greatest strength? Listening, assessing situations and people, structuring complex project settings, sensing the corporate culture, being an honest sparring partner for my clients.

What do you need to consider? My experience tells me that you must feel connected with me and ultimately perceive me as being sympathetic. Otherwise you will have a hard time with my honesty during the project, which does not mean that I am not diplomatic. If you are looking for real objective opinions, you are even more welcome.


100% Confidentiality
I interact with all sorts of players in the logistics industry within the framework of projects and via my network. I guarantee 100% confidentiality for your topics - even before signing a NDA.
Conflict Check
Prior to each mandate, I check possible conflicts with my ongoing activities or projects – no matter if these conflicts occur by nature or might have a financial or moral character. If such a conflict exists, I will not support the individual project.
No Commissions
My projects typically do not focus on cost savings only. Accordingly, I never work on a commission basis, but based on day rates and the extent of services actually provided to my clients.
No quotas
Of course, I usually estimate the budget for my project support to the best of my knowledge. But there is no obligation in terms of man day quotas for my clients at all. If you want to end or extend the cooperation, you can do so at any time during the project.